Add-in development

Bookvar has a rich object model, that you can utilize to create your custom add-ins. It is based on Microsoft's latest .NET 3.5 Add-in model and allows for the quick and easy extension of Bookvar's functionality. Stay tuned for more how-to information on add-in development.

Future Features

Bookvar is not a black box, but quiet the opposite. It has an extensibility model build in which allows developers to build custom add-ins that integrate nicely with the application. More information on how to develop add-ins can be found in the development section of the site. Here is a list of custom add-ins that we have build for you to try:
o    Undo/Redo
o    Add-in UI extensibility - ability for the add-in to create their own user interface.
o    Themes
o    Brainstorming mode
o    Font styling control